Cable Ties for White Plains, New York

Cable Ties for White Plains, New YorkCable ties are one of the most versatile fasteners known to the industry. Allowing for a variety of functions and applications, these ties are an essential part of any business or home and come in an astonishing array of types, sizes, materials, and lengths. There are ties for everything from wire and cabling management to transportation strapping, identification tags, and material restraints and mounts. Located in Canton, MA, Electronic Fasteners has a wide range of products to fit your fastening needs.

Cable ties for White Plains, New York, have virtually unlimited applications such as in households, offices, manufacturing industries, automobile repair and maintenance, marine industries, electronics, and many more. Being used for a variety of purposes, the sizes and types of these products vary according to the requirements. Important factors to consider include:

  • The size as it needs to be just right for the job at hand, neither too big nor too small. Widths are generally between 4.8 and 50mm, which means that the cable you select needs to be of the appropriate width for your needs while meeting all project requirements.
  • The length, typically ranging from 100mm to 1000mm. Extended ties are often used for bundling materials together, while shorter ties are used for more delicate tasks.
  • The material, like stainless steel cable ties, White Plains, New York, which is recommended for applications with chemical, salts, and acids exposure and other harsh environmental conditions. In contrast, velcro ties are recommended for applications where easy removal or reuse is necessary.

White Plains, New York, cable ties come in various sizes, lengths, widths, colors, and materials from Electronic Fasteners. Offering a wide selection, we focus on having stock at the ready and delivering all items quickly and safely. Electronic Fasteners offers high-quality, economical cables for almost any retail, commercial, and industry application. Confused about the right type, size, or strength to use? Contact us with general questions or to get a quote for all of your needs.

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