Captive Hardware in Waltham, MACaptive hardware is a class of fastener that is designed to lock into place using a screw. Captive hardware – or captive fasteners, as the category is also known – is generally installed inside a hollow tube or channel into which a screw is inserted and tightened. Captive hardware sold in Waltham, MA is often used in products with difficult-to-reach locations where a wrench cannot be used to hold the fastener in place.

In Waltham, MA, captive hardware comes in a variety of designs and materials, but virtually all of them feature some sort of serrated edge or protruding teeth that causes the hidden nut to expand and seat itself into the surrounding material. Captive hardware used in metal products usually feature serrated edges that are machined directly into the surface of the nut to provide a solid bite onto the product being connected.

Prior to the development of captive hardware in Waltham, MA, a product needed an access hole to tighten parts in place. This not only affected product design and looks, it also could also create structural weakness in products – a serious issue for critical applications such as automobiles and other products that could cause serious injury or even death if fastener failure occurred. The development and use of captive hardware in Waltham, MA and elsewhere enabled manufacturers to design products that did not need access channels and, as a result, were less susceptible to structural weakness.

The automotive product aftermarket is one major consumer of captive hardware in Waltham, MA; in particular, a captive fastener system which features a spring clip and a male fastener that grabs onto the clip and locks tight to it.

If you’re a product manufacturer in search of captive hardware in Waltham, MA — or anywhere else throughout the country — to use for both aesthetic and functional reasons, Electronic Fasteners has a comprehensive inventory of captive fasteners for a wide range of commercial and industrial products and uses.