Exotic Metal Fastener for Canton, Massachusetts

Exotic Metal Fastener for Canton, MassachusettsWhile stainless nuts and bolts are among the most popular fasteners for a wide range of uses, there are many unique and critical applications that call for an exotic metal fastener – especially harsh environments in which more conventional materials would become compromised and even fail.

An exotic metal fastener for Canton, Massachusetts provides a number of benefits, including:

  • Corrosion resistance
  • Bio-inertia
  • High temperature tolerance
  • High abrasion resistance

In general, a Canton, Massachusetts exotic metal fastener is the preferred fastener of choice for high performance in extreme environments such as high temperatures, abrasion and corrosion. Many exotic metal fasteners must be machined using special processes to prevent work-hardening and brittleness that can have a negative impact on performance and increase the risk of failure.

There are a wide range of exotic metals and compounds, each with special characteristics that enables them to be manufactured into an exotic metal fastener and matched to specific requirements:

Inconel alloys These oxidation-corrosion-resistant alloys are well-suited for use in extreme environments subject to pressure and heat. Inconel retains its strength over a wide temperature range, making it attractive for high temperature applications where aluminum and steel are less suitable. 

Titanium Its high tensile strength-to-weight ratios and corrosion-resistance enable it to perform well in high-wear and high-temperature environments.  Ideal for use in aircraft frames, landing gear, hydraulic equipment, propeller rigging and heat exchangers.

Hastelloy This nickel-based steel alloy is highly corrosion-resistant and ideal for a wide range of chemical applications that might oxidize other metals.

Zirconium A good choice for high corrosion environments, including nuclear power plants, and high temperature parts for engines and turbines.

Monel This group of nickel alloys is stronger than pure nickel and resistant to a wide range of corrosive agents, finding use in a variety of marine and specialty aviation applications such as a fuselage material for high speed experimental aircraft and space craft because of its resistance to heat generated by aerodynamic friction.

Tantalum Featuring a high melting point and oxidation resistance, this exotic metal is also bioinert for medical implant components. Also well-suited for furnace and heat processing components.

Ferralium Useful for fastening chemical, process, and manufacturing equipment components that require high corrosion and high abrasion resistance.

MP35N This alloy is preferred for saltwater and high-acid applications such as marine and processing equipment components that require high strength, high wear and extremely high corrosion resistance.

These are just a few of the many exotic metals available. If you have a specialty application that goes beyond stainless nuts and bolts and requires fasteners with unique characteristics, contact the Canton, Massachusetts exotic metal fastener specialists at Electronic Fasteners.

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