Government Subcontractors in Peabody, Massachusetts

image of a jet fighter engine government subcontractors for Peabody, MassachusettsFor companies looking for government subcontractors, there are some great options available. From experienced professionals to small businesses and start-ups, the list of potential contractors is seemingly endless. When government subcontractors for Peabody, Massachusetts are needed, they must have a supply of high-quality equipment, experienced personnel, and a willingness to take on challenging projects. Whether you’re a traditional IT subcontractor or a company specializing in civil engineering, construction, and other related industries, we know you often provide services such as design, development, testing, evaluation, and implementation of government-sponsored projects. Because of this, Electronic Fasteners, located in Canton, MA, ensures every order is fulfilled with the utmost care.

For over 50 years, Electronic Fasteners has supplied Peabody, Massachusetts, government subcontractors with:

  • The MS, AN, and NAS hardware they need for military systems and subsystems.
  • Our knowledge, expertise, and commitment to providing superior quality
  • A commitment to safety and quality that is supported by our SO 9001:2015 certification

Whether you need custom hardware assemblies or standard commercial products like AN fittings and MS fasteners, Electronic Fasteners has the resources and technical expertise to meet any requirement. Our experienced staff can provide design assistance, prototype fabrication, and quality assurance testing. Our goal is to provide government subcontractors for Peabody, Massachusetts with the highest level of service and performance possible.

At Electronic Fasteners, we understand that time is a critical factor in meeting deadlines for government projects. We have comprehensive inventory control processes in place so government subcontractors can quickly access the supplies they need when they need them. With our quick shipping and guarantee on service, our customers can rest assured that their parts will arrive on time and in the condition they expect. Contact us to learn more about how we support subcontractors for the government.

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