Industrial Adhesives in Merrimack, New HampShire

Industrial Adhesives in Merrimack, New HampShireIndustrial adhesives come in as many varieties, formulations, and styles as there are applications for them. If you’re looking for industrial adhesives in Merrimack, New HampShire Electronic Fasteners stocks the largest, most comprehensive inventory in the area.

Merrimack, New HampShire industrial adhesives are strong – generally much stronger than common household adhesives you can find in your local store. For many industrial applications, structural adhesives are used. Common examples of structural adhesives include epoxies, cyanoacrylates and certain urethanes and acrylic adhesives. These Merrimack, New HampShire industrial adhesives can carry significant stresses and lend themselves very well to structural applications.

For structural applications, industrial adhesives are available as pastes, liquids, films, and supported films, many of which produce little or no out-gassing when cured, significantly reducing the likelihood of voids within the industrial adhesive. Thermosetting structural adhesives are normally available in two-part forms that are mixed into a product that cures within the desired time window.

Regarding engineering applications, including semi-structural ones where failure is less critical and non-structural ones where considerations other than failure are more important, contact adhesives may be preferred. These Merrimack, New HampShire industrial adhesives feature a solution or emulsion containing an elastomeric adhesive that is coated on both pieces to be adhered. The solvent in the compound is allowed to evaporate and the two pieces are brought into contact to complete the process. This type of industrial adhesive includes rubber cement and similar adhesives such as those used to bond laminates like countertops.

One-part forms are also available in which the resin and hardener (cross-linking agent) are already mixed together. These one-part forms must be kept at sufficiently low temperature so that the reaction does not occur prematurely; this is accomplished sometimes by utilizing latent cross-linking agents that are not active at low temperatures.  One-part thermosetting industrial adhesives in Merrimack, New HampShire often have limited shelf life, and must be stored at low temperatures, but offer very high performance capabilities.

If you’re researching Merrimack, New HampShire industrial adhesives, you may come across the term “pot life,” which refers to the time after a two-part industrial adhesive is mixed during which it is workable and will still make a satisfactory bond.  Materials with too short of a pot life will harden too fast and don’t give workers sufficient time to assemble the product.  An excessively long pot life may delay the cure time and slow the assembly process.

These are some of the considerations you must take under advisement if you’re looking to use industrial adhesives. To learn more, contact the Merrimack, New HampShire industrial adhesives specialists at Electronic Fasteners.


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