Inventory Management Software in Waltham, MassachusettsInventory management software is a key component in any vendor managed inventory (VMI) program. It enables vendors to create an electronic stocking plan to ensure parts inventories are maintained at a pre-determined level to avoid production interruptions, costly deliveries and other stumbling blocks that can increase overhead and negatively impact production efficiency. In fact, studies have shown that 85 percent of fastener costs are related to inventory overhead activities such as inspections, administration, and ordering, leaving just 15 percent for the actual product itself.

At Electronic Fasteners, our inventory management software for Waltham, Massachusetts enables us to:

  • Implement an electronic stocking plan optimized to clients’ specific inventory requirements
  • Deliver products according to a prearranged schedule
  • Maintain inventory levels to avoid over- or understocking
  • Provide timely, accurate inventory management reports

Our Waltham, Massachusetts inventory management software also enables our customers to implement their own U-Scan Managed Inventory Program. Our inventory specialists can help you set up a complete electronic inventory management system tied into our ordering and delivery system so that you can take advantage of a direct connection with us to ensure your inventory levels are optimized and consistent.

With our managed inventory software, you can easily implement our U-Scan Managed Inventory Program. It’s this simple:

  • Provide us with your annual fastener requirements
  • Our inventory management specialist will bar code your stocking locations and provide a scanner
  • When supplies run low, simply scan your bar-coded inventory bin labels
  • Use the scanner to transmit your order, which will be sent to you the next day

Managed inventories takes all the guesswork out of maintaining parts for your manufacturing and assembly needs. Whether you have us do the managing through our VMI program or you do it yourself with our U-Scan program, our inventory management software for Waltham, Massachusetts means you’ll be assured of always having the parts you need on hand when you need them.