Nylon Hardware for Yonkers, New York

nylon hardware for Yonkers, New YorkNylon hardware is non-corrosive, anti-magnetic, and resistant to both vibration and friction, which is why nylon fasteners are so popular for electronic applications. In fact, compared to aluminum, another material used extensively in electronics, nylon is lighter, stronger and provides high wear resistance. Nylon is also a non-flammable material, and is non-toxic and weather resistant. Because of all of these properties, nylon is often used as a material for washers and spacers in a wide range of industries, many of which are supplied by Electronic Fasteners in Canton, MA.

Nylon hardware from Electronic Fasteners offers a number of valuable benefits, including:

  • Nylon is lighter and stronger than aluminum
  • Nylon stands up well in most harsh environments
  • Nylon is versatile and cost-efficient
  • Nylon is non-conductive

While traditional metal fasteners made from aluminum, brass, bronze, and steel are still in high demand for many industries and applications, nylon nuts, bolts, clips, and ties are increasingly the fastener “hardware” of choice for a wide range of our customers. That’s because Yonkers, New York nylon hardware is manufactured using a variety of plastics. For example, acetal is used to increase durability while minimizing water absorption; however, while acetal can help minimize water absorption, it doesn’t eliminate it altogether. It’s best to avoid nylon hardware in marine applications because it does attract water molecules and can swell, compromising its performance.

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is used to enhance weather resistance in nylon hardware for Yonkers, New York. Polypropylene helps increase both durability and strength. With all these different property boosters, it’s clear to see why nylon hardware is so often used in electronics, telecommunications, computers and motor vehicles. Nylon fasteners are used for sub-system, system, and component assembly. For example, nylon circuit board hardware provides spacing, support, and locking capabilities for attaching circuit board components to the board. Their flexibility and ease-of-use make them ideal for systems with interchangeable components – many styles of fasteners feature a locking mechanism that simply needs to be squeezed to enable it to be removed and replaced. Threaded nylon fasteners provide a more permanent attachment for applications in which components are not often removed.

Nylon hardware, Yonkers, New York is an attractive option for many fastening applications due to its versatility, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness. If you’re considering nylon hardware for your next project, contact the nylon fastener specialists here at Electronic Fasteners to discuss your specific requirements and the options available.

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