Nylon Washers for Long Beach, New York

nylon washers for [kds_locaiton]Nylon washers are one of the most popular types of washers, and for a number of reasons. Now, it may sound funny to hear the word “nylon” used when talking about faster hardware – after all, isn’t all hardware made from some sort of metal? The short answer is “no.” If you’re already convinced about the benefits of nylon and are looking for a reliable washer supplier, your best resource is Canton, MA-based Electronic Fasteners. We carry one of the region’s largest inventories of nylon washers.

If you’re not that familiar with the benefits of nylon washers, they include:

  • Even pressure distribution
  • Protection against surface damage
  • Outstanding durability and longevity
  • Superior shock and noise absorption properties
  • Lower production costs

Nylon is non-corrosive, anti-magnetic, and resistant to both vibration and friction, which is why it is such a popular material for Long Beach, New York nylon washers, especially for electronic applications. In fact, compared to aluminum, another material used extensively in electronics, nylon is lighter, stronger and provides high wear resistance. Nylon is also a non-flammable material, and is non-toxic and weather resistant. Because of all of these properties, nylon is often used as a material for washers and spacers in a wide range of industries.

Nylon washers for Long Beach, New York are manufactured using a variety of plastics. For example, acetal is used to increase durability while minimizing water absorption. A word of caution, though. While acetal can help minimize water absorption, it doesn’t eliminate it altogether. It’s best to avoid nylon hardware in marine applications because it does attract water molecules and can eventually swell, compromising its performance. Also, nylon doesn’t hold up well in direct sunlight and can turn brittle and yellow when exposed to UV rays, another risk for use in open water marine applications with high exposure to sunlight.

Nevertheless, Long Beach, New York nylon washers are quickly becoming an acceptable alternative to metal washers. In addition to their lighter weight, greater durability, and better insulating properties, they’re often a much more cost-effective option for washer applications. To learn more, contact the nylon fastener specialists here at Electronic Fasteners to discuss your specific requirements and the nylon options available.

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