Self-Clinching Hardware in Waltham, MASelf-clinching hardware is a fastening device that, when pressed into metal, displaces the host material around the mounting hole, causing it to incorporate into the fastener and prevent it from rotating once it’s installed. As a result, the self-clinching hardware becomes a permanent part of the product in which it’s installed.

If you’re looking for self-clinching hardware in Waltham, MA, Electronic Fasteners features self-clinching hardware from Captive Fasteners, the leading manufacturer of self-clinching hardware for use in a wide range of commercial and industrial applications. Captive Fastener has been focused entirely on producing the highest quality self-clinching hardware in Waltham, MA and throughout the country. Typical applications for their self-clinching hardware includes the manufacture of computers, business machines, communication equipment, industrial controls, vending machines, automotive and other precision fabricated metal products.

Waltham, MA self-clinching hardware, manufactured by Captive Fasteners, are produced under a strict quality control program which ensure compliance to product specifications and performance criteria. They can be installed during product fabrication or during final assembly to eliminate loose hardware and the problems associated with it. Self-clinching hardware can even support very thin sheet metal assembly.

Self-clinching hardware in Waltham, MA from Electronic Fasteners provides a number of manufacturing benefits, including:

  • Strong attachment to thin metal
  • High push-out and torque-out resistance
  • No re-tapping
  • Flush attachment, with no swaged rim projects
  • Lower installation costs

If you’re in need of self-clinching hardware, check out the complete product line from Captive Fasteners, available in stock and ready for delivery at Electronic Fasteners, your Waltham, MA self-clinching hardware experts.