Hand Sanitizer for Norfolk, Nebraska

Monroe EFI, located in Canton, MA, understands the importance of maintaining a clean work environment. As the world fought the coronavirus pandemic, hand sanitizer became one of the most sought-after weapons used by people at home and in the workplace. At Monroe EFI, we continue to stock a wide range of hand sanitizers that can help you promote hygiene and cleanliness within the workplace.

Norfolk, Nebraska area hand sanitizer is a critical component for fighting COVID-19 as well as other viruses and bacteria because it:

  • Kills coronavirus safely and effectively at the most critical point of infection – your hands
  • Comes in a variety of formulations designed to address the needs of a wide range of workplaces and users
  • Minimizes waste generated by the use of wipes and paper towels needed for other cleansing agents

We offer a full line of NSF-certified commercial and industrial hand sanitizers near Norfolk, Nebraska for use in workplaces ranging from professional offices to manufacturing plants. NSF certification is important because this designation ensures that products evaluated by the NSF testing labs comply with strict standards and procedures to ensure they perform as specified. This is especially critical in manufacturing and handling consumables such as food products and pharmaceuticals.

We also offer a comprehensive selection of dispensers. Hand sanitizer dispensers supply a premeasured amount of sanitizing product to help prevent waste. Coming in wall, floor, and counter models, they offer convenient access and can also be filled with hand cleaners or hand soap. They are commonly used in restrooms, hallways, doorways, and other high-traffic areas where exposure to bacteria and germs is likely.

Automatic dispensers provide touch-free, trouble-free operation to reduce cross-contamination. Units have infrared sensors to detect the presence of hands, dispensing a premeasured application of hand sanitizer for Norfolk, Nebraska. Models are available for foam, gel, liquid soap, and sanitizer.

If you’re in need of a fast, reliable source of hand sanitizer, contact us here at Monroe EFI. We’ll help you determine the right hand sanitizer and dispenser products for your workplace environment.

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