U-Scan Managed Inventory Program

As simple as A, B …

A. Provide us with a list of your annual fastener requirements

B.  We’ll bar code label all of your stocking
locations and provide you with a scanner

C. When your supplies run low, just scan the bar-coded bin labels

D. Use the scanner to transmit your new fastener requirements to us – your new order will be filled and shipped to your dock

Managed Inventory Programs cut costs

Studies have shown that 85% of fastener costs are related to inventory overhead
activities, like administration, inspections, over-ordering – while just 15% is
the actual cost of the item.

Electronic Fasteners also offers full service Vendor Managed Inventory Programs follow this link for more information VMI, or call our Sales Department at 888-890-7780, or fill out the General Inquiry form if you have any questions.