Counterfeit Parts

Counterfeiting has been an issue for years and continues to grow at an exponential rate with products being counterfeited, industries being affected, and consequences caused by counterfeits.

Attention to the Counterfeit issue and threat requires everyone in the Industry and Supply Chain to support in combating and preventing.

If not adequately addressed, counterfeit product carries a high risk and potential to seriously compromise the safety, operational effectiveness, and integrity of our products.

Counterfeit parts can cause personal injury, mission failure, reduce the reliability of products, potential loss of contracts/business, shutdown our manufacturing lines/cells, negative cost/schedule impacts, penalties/fines at the company/individual level, and damage to our Corporate name/image.

Raising awareness through training of our Suppliers/Partners is critical to mitigating the risks and impacts of counterfeit parts infiltrating the Supply Chain.

Click here to read the Counterfeit Parts Training Guide