Quarter Turn Fasteners for Pawtucket, Rhode Island

Monroe EFI is headquartered in Canton, MA, and offers a wide range of products, including quarter turn fasteners. These products are fast and easy to use, with minimal motion required to open them, making them ideal for use in applications requiring fast and frequent access to storage or for equipment operation or service.

Quarter turn fasteners in the Pawtucket, Rhode Island service area are chosen for many reasons. These products have a wide range of uses because of the following features:

  • A wide variety of lengths and head configurations
  • Small form factors for high tensile loads
  • Wide range of receptacle designs and stud assemblies
  • Maximum tensile strength of 10,000 N

The labor-saving design of many quarter turn fasteners can help reduce installation costs when tight assembly deadlines need to be met during manufacture. Pawtucket, Rhode Island quarter turn fasteners are perfect for use on sheet metal, lexan, and fiberglass, making them a popular choice for high-performance automotive applications such as race cars and modified street cars where they are favorite choices for body parts such as hood scoops, body panels, as well as a variety of interior components and access panels.

Another popular feature of quarter turn fasteners, besides their ability to handle high tensile loads, is their remarkably strong self-locking ability. In fact, this feature proved so reliable that these products have been in high demand since they first became popular almost one hundred years ago, back in the 1930s in the aircraft industry.

Quarter turn fasteners in the Pawtucket, Rhode Island service area are now available in a variety of styles including Allen, slotted, flush mount, self-ejecting, and oval head. To find the appropriate style for your particular application, contact the experts at Monroe EFI.

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