Standoffs for Morrisville, Vermont

Standoffs and Spacers for Morrisville, VermontLocated in Canton, MA, Electronic Fasteners has the widest range of Morrisville, Vermont area standoffs for a diverse range of applications.

Standoffs are a modest fastener element, defined as a threaded separator of a specific length used to raise one assembly above another. These components are usually round or hex-shaped to enable wrench-tightening, and they are often made using aluminum, brass, or nylon. Located in Canton, MA, Electronic Fasteners has a fully-stocked inventory of these fastener elements, including:

  • Knurled standoffs
  • Female standoffs
  • Round or hex standoffs
  • Male standoffs
  • And much more

In electronics, standoffs for Morrisville, Vermont, are frequently used to raise a printed-circuit board above a surface. They are ideal fasteners for keeping printed circuit boards both stationary and elevated away from surfaces, such as the interior of a computer chassis. These components can also be used as insulation to keep two parts from touching each other to prevent electrical shorts. When used to fasten cable connectors such as “D” connectors together, they are called “jack screws.”

Standoff products near Morrisville, Vermont, can come in multiple configurations. These include male/female, male/male, and female/female. Female ends can accept a screw or a bolt, while male ends can be screwed into a hole.

At Electronic Fasteners, we carry a complete inventory of Morrisville, Vermont, standoffs for a wide range of industries and applications. Our stock includes virtually every size, shape, and material to accommodate a variety of commercial and industrial uses – from microelectronics to massive electrical systems.

Not sure what you need for standoffs? Contact the experts at Electronic Fasteners. Chances are, we have what you need in stock and ready for delivery.

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