3M Protective Bumpers and Feet for Buffalo, New York

3M Protective Bumpers and Feet in Buffalo, New York3M protective bumpers and feet are highly useful and versatile products designed to be used in various commercial, industrial, and retail industries and applications. These products provide an excellent way to prolong the life of products and equipment while also protecting people and property from potential injuries that could occur as a result of product failure. These products, offered by Electronic Fasteners, located in Canton, MA, help users ensure that their products are well-protected against damage that can occur during shipping, handling, and even day-to-day use.

Ideal for use by businesses and industries that rely on the safe handling of their products, 3M protective bumpers and feet for Buffalo, New York, offer:

  • Excellent skid and abrasion resistance
  • Long aging resiliency from cracking or hardening
  • Excellent adhesion on low surface energy surfaces and powder coatings
  • Resistance to marring and staining
  • Fast and easy application with no drilling required

As a high-quality, durable cushioning solution, Buffalo, New York, 3M protective bumpers and feet meet the highest standards. They’re manufactured in 3M’s ISO 9001 & 14001 certified plant, and most of their Bumpon products have UL certification 94 HB. If your organization chooses another product over these feet and bumpers, it could result in damage to your products or equipment or potential injuries to people and property. In some cases, product failure can occur directly due to not having adequate protection in place to cushion and protect your products.

When you choose 3M protective bumpers and feet, Buffalo, New York, you can be confident that you are selecting a product that will provide superior protection for your products, equipment, and people. 3M has been a trusted name in the business world for many years, and its products are known for being of the highest quality. View all of our 3M products here or contact us today with your general questions.

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