Nylon Hardware

ACT - Fastening SolutionsACT – Fastening Solutions

Cable Ties and Wiring Accessories


Tapered Caps & Plugs, Vinyl Closures, High Temperature Masking Products, Non-Threaded Caps & Plugs, Edge Liners & Grommets, Sleeve-Web Netting

Keystone Electronics Corp.Keystone Electronics Corp.

A world class manufacturer of competitively priced precision electronic interconnect components and hardware in metallic or non-metallic materials. Product Overview: Battery Hardware; Fuse clips and holders; Terminals &Terminal Boards; Spacers & Standoffs; Panel Hardware; Computer Brackets; Plugs & Sockets; Pins; Eyelets; Rivets; Grommets; Bumpers & Bushings; LED Lens Caps & Holders. Custom Capabilities include: Fully Integrated tool & die shop & detailed engineering/production facility for precision stampings and assembly.

Heyco Products, Inc.

Liquid-tight fittings and conduits, IEC connectors, strain reliefs, bushings and plugs.

Micro Plastics®, Inc.Micro Plastics®, Inc.

Wide variety of circuit board hardware and Nylon products. Screws, washers, spacers, arrow clips, hole/vent plugs, snap rivets, strain relief bushings, beaded ties, nail-in clips, hose clamps.

Richco, Inc.Richco, Inc.

Cable clamps, tie wraps, spacers, circuit board support hardware, fiber-optic wire management products. Specialist in the manufacture of high-quality plastic and metal parts.


Products include Thermal Materials & Die Cutting, PCB Hardware, Card Guides and Ejectors, Standoffs, LED and Transistor Mounts and more.