Adhesives, Threadlocker


Dual Lock™ Fasteners, Abrasives, Adapters, Adhesives, Breadboards & Test Clips, Bumpers, Butt Connectors. Cable, Cable Accessories, Cable Assemblies, Cable Ties & Bases. Card-Edge Connectors, Cleaners, CompactFlash™ Connectors, Connector Tools & Accessories. Disconnects, DIP Connectors, DIN Connectors, Ducting for Cable & Wire, Electrical Wire Connectors, Environmental Cleanup, Eye Safety, Fire Protection, Fork Terminals, Headers. Hearing Protection, Heat Tracers, Sealing Compound, Static Control, Tape, Tubing.


Highly versatile threadlocking, gasketing and sealing compounds, multi-purpose lubricants, time-saving cleaners, fast-acting adhesives, waterless hand cleaners and specialty maintenance products.

ND Industries, Inc. ®ND Industries, Inc. ®

Anti-cam-out fluid, fastener thread sealant, masking/lubricating coatings, adhesives, and sealants, fastener ID color-coding. Microspheres© fastener adhesive and fastener thread-locker. PIC Design Precision mechanical components, motion/positioning products, gear products. Linear motion systems, lead screws, belts and pulleys, bearings, clutches, brakes and couplings. Educational kits.


Vibra-TITE is one of the world’s market leaders in anaerobics, cyanoacrylates, epoxies and ultra-violet technologies. Vibra-TITE materials can be compared to other name brand products but at a COST SAVING OF UP TO 40%.