Bolts, Nuts, Washers

Aztech Locknut Company

All Metal Locknuts; Nylon Insert Locknuts; Inch & Metric Serrated and K-Loc Locknuts; Inch and Metric Hex and Flange Nuts (No-Lock)

Blind Bolt Company

Blind fastening for the Construction, Railway, Scaffolding and Marine Industries.


World’s largest and most diversified selection

Edward W. Daniel

Edward W. Daniel offers the widest selection eyebolts, rod ends, turnbuckles, and elevator sockets.


Classic self-locking prevailing torque nut. Its one piece, all-metal construction stands up under extreme temperatures, vibration, and shock. With no nylon insert, it consistently provides better tensile strength than the leading “two-element” locknuts and is ideal for elevated temperature environments.

Greer Stop Nut™

Nylon Insert Locknuts: heavy, miniature high-strength, clinch. Greer products are Military QPL.


Wire hardware, eye bolts, cotter pins, screw eyes, hooks, U bolts, peg hooks.


Red Nylon locking insert stop nuts: ESlok® red Nylon locking patch, COLLARLOK® red Nylon locking  collar. ESNA all metal elliptically offset crown nuts. ESNA products are all Military QPL.

Micro Plastics®, Inc.

Wide variety of circuit board hardware and Nylon products. Screws, washers, spacers,  arrow clips, hole/vent plugs, snap rivets, strain relief bushings, beaded ties, nail-in clips, hose clamps.

Seastrom Manufacturing, Inc.

Precision CNC Machining. Solder logs, spring clips, spring washers, tap and notch washers, expansion plugs, clamps and brackets, O-rings, custom parts. Military standards.

Shakeproof/Threaded Products and WasherDivision(ITW)

Screws: thread rolling, thread cutting, Hi-Lo©, Cyclone©. TEKS© self-drilling fasteners. Sems: internal external, terminal, square cone. Washers: wave and conical spring tension, helical spring lock, tooth-type lock. Nuts: spring, push-on. Retainers: shaft, bearing. Q-Four© Quarter-Turn. Specialized fastening products. Southco Assembly and Design Fasteners, 1/4-Turn Fasteners, captive screw fasteners, Flush and Draw Latches, Magnetic catches. Spirol International Corp. Spring pins, symmetrical inserts, coiled springs.

Superior Washer and Gasket Corp.

Washers; Belleville, “C”, conical fender, shim, square. Aluminum, beryllium, brass, copper, Delrin, fibre, mica, Monel, Mylar, Nylon, stainless steel, steel, metric.