Socket Products

Camcar TextronCamcar Textron

Socket screw products, tapping and thread-forming fasteners, engineered products. Cold-formed and thermoplastic components. Metal stampings, die castings, leveling devices.


Socket products: socket head cap screws, socket set screws, flat & button head socket cap screws, socket head shoulder screws. Armstrong Tools, Allen hex key wrenches, Jacobs chucks. EFI stocks a very wide selection of Holo-Krome products.


Socket Head Cap Screws, Button Head Socket Screws, Flat Head Socket Screws, Socket Set Screws, Socket Shoulder Screws, Hexagon Wrenches, Hexagon Wrench Sets, Dowels Pins, Sel-lok Pins, Pressure Plugs, and Tee Bolts.

SPS/UNBRAKO® Engineered Fasteners

A capability of SPS Technologies’ Industrial Fasteners Group, specializes in developing custom fastening solutions for one-of-a-kind, high-volume applications. UNBRAKO®’s engineered fastener system extend cycle life, cut long-term production costs, reduce recalls and provide liability protection.

Stake FastenersStake Fasteners

Pan-L©, flat head and button head screws. Special coatings and colors. Colored hole plugs.