Custom Fastener Applications in Waltham, MassachusettsCustom fastener applications are commonplace in a wide range of industries and manufacturing situations. So while there are thousands of different mass-produced fasteners and fastener systems for every kind of consumer, commercial, and industrial product, often unique product designs become custom fastener applications in Waltham, Massachusetts and elsewhere, requiring unusual designs and materials.

Electronic Fasteners has the experience and expertise to provide solutions for Waltham, Massachusetts custom fastener applications quickly and cost-efficiently. Whether it’s customizing existing fasteners or fastener systems or creating a proprietary fastener for your custom fastener applications, their skilled design engineers will help develop an appropriate fastener and manufacture it. From nuts and bolts to screws, hinges, and latches — whatever your Waltham, Massachusetts custom fastener applications call for, they’ll produce it and keep it in inventory for you, ready for delivery, based on your usage commitment.

Electronic Fasteners offers a Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) program to ensure that customers have a ready supply of products in stock. This can be especially useful for custom fastener applications in Waltham, Massachusetts because it might be more difficult to replace custom-made fasteners quickly, compared to standard, readily-available components. If you’re not familiar with VMI, it’s a parts stocking strategy in which the supplier determines when to replenish items and how much to replenish based on customer usage history.

In addition to a VMI program, Electronic Fasteners also offers its U-Scan program that’s similar to VMI except that they don’t physically check your inventory of components for custom fastener applications in Waltham, Massachusetts. Instead, they provide you with a bar code scanner to re-order inventory as needed. Electronic Fasteners will set up the systems and processes necessary to provide a smooth parts and production flow for your customer fastener applications, but you control the ordering yourself.

From custom parts design and manufacturing to your choice of inventory management programs, Electronic Fasteners is your go-to source for non-standard fastener solutions for your custom fastener applications in Waltham, Massachusetts.