Industrial Threadlockers in Waltham, MassachusettsIndustrial threadlockers in Waltham, Massachusetts come in two basic categories: inert threadlockers and reactive threadlockers. Industrial threadlockers are important in a wide variety of industries and applications where it is essential that bolts and screws and other threaded assemblies do not work loose over time.

Inert threadlockers are also known as prevailing torque threadlockers and use a mechanical force to create a secure fastening lock that resists vibration and shock-related slippage. Industrial threadlockers that use prevailing torque to secure them typically incorporate a nylon sleeve, plug, or pellet that provide the locking power when torque is applied.

Reactive threadlockers are Waltham, Massachusetts industrial threadlockers that utilize a chemical compound that acts as an adhesive to hold critical parts together. Reactive threadlocking features a strong chemical bond that is formed by epoxy and other curative adhesives to prevent slippage from shock and vibration while helping to seal fastening points against gas and liquid leakage. Depending in the adhesive material used, it can be applied to either the male or female part of the fastening components, or both.

The science behind industrial threadlockers in Waltham, Massachusetts is very interesting. When liquid threadlockers cure they form a polymer chain that works its way into every little component crack and imperfection. Friction increases when the adhesive fills all the microscopic gaps between the threads and they fully lock and seal the threaded assemblies. Waltham, Massachusetts industrial threadlockers provide virtually 100 percent contact between the parts, compared to a typical non-threadlocking component that may have as little as 15 percent positive metal-on-metal contact.

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