Retaining rings in Waltham, Massachusetts are a type of fastener commonly used to hold components or assemblies on a shaft or inside one when used in conjunction with a groove that can hold the retaining ring in place. Inside the shaft, the retaining ring acts as a shoulder or stop to hold the corresponding component or assembly in place.

Retaining rings in Waltham, Massachusetts and elsewhere are manufactured in a wide range of sizes and materials, including stainless steel, carbon steel, and beryllium copper. There are three fundamental retaining ring designs, each of which features design variations for specific functions or environments. The three basic retaining rings are tapered section, constant section, and spiral.

Tapered section retaining rings decrease symmetrically from the center out to the ends so they remain circular in use when either contracted or expanded. Smaller tapered section retaining rings are typically stamped out of a steel or copper coil. Larger taper section retaining rings are often wire formed, using rectangular wire that’s coiled into the retaining ring shape.

Constant section retaining rings are also called snap rings and feature uniform, constant section that’s the same width at any point on the ring. Constant section retaining rings are made out of flat or round wire and deform elliptically when contracted or expanded.

Spiral retaining rings are installed inside a bore using a groove that holds the ring. Spiral retaining rings are usually made by coiling flat wire – typically a special alloy such as stainless steel because there’s no scrap in the manufacturing process — and are provided with a removal notch to make removing them easier.

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