Spacers and Standoffs in Waltham, MassachusettsSpacers and standoffs in Waltham, Massachusetts are two key fastener components that have separate but related functions in manufacturing for commercial and industrial assemblies.

For those unfamiliar with these kinds of machined pieces, spacers are unthreaded pieces of tubing that let the entire bolt pass through it to separate system elements. Because the bolt passes through a spacer and is able to tighten the whole assembly, the spacer itself is usually round because it cannot be tightened itself. You’ll find spacers, particularly nylon ones, used for routing cables in between and around electronic and electrical panels

Standoffs, on the other hand, are threaded separators used specifically to raise one assembly above another and to create space between two objects, often to properly position them.  For example, standoffs are typically used to separate printed circuit boards in the electronic industry to prevent electrical interference and shorts between the two boards. Standoffs are also often used in electronic hardware to space panels, doors, and gears. Standoffs are usually round or hex-shaped so they can be tightened with a wrench.

Spacers and standoffs in Waltham, Massachusetts can be purchase in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and materials from Electronic Fasteners. Not sure what sizes or materials are needed for your spacers and standoffs? Our Waltham, Massachusetts standoffs and spacers specialists can help you determine the right components for your application. We have a number of spacers and standoffs sources that we’ve worked closely with for years who produce high quality, precise standard standoffs and spacers in aluminum, brass, nylon, plastic, steel, and stainless steel. We can even supply mil-spec spacers and standoffs as well as special orders.

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