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Message from the President

Steven N. Damalas, PresidentWelcome to Electronic Fastener’s website!

Since our establishment in 1960, Electronic Fasteners, Inc. (EFI) has been a leading supplier of fasteners to the industrial, commercial, and military-aerospace markets. Our customers represent an extremely wide range of industries and technologies, manufacture an incredibly varied array of products, and sell their products to innumerable markets and industries throughout the world.

Our customers’ diversity is reflected in the fasteners they use–and is the reason that Electronic Fasteners maintains an inventory of considerable breadth and depth.

In spite of their diversity, however, our customers all have one thing in common: they realize that although fasteners constitute a very small portion of their Cost of Materials, the procurement of fasteners is a difficult, time-consuming and expensive task. That’s why they buy fasteners from EFI. We’ve made it easier and faster for them–and a lot more cost-effective.

I’m very proud that so many of our customers have entrusted us with their fastener business for so many years–with many of them, for all the years we have been in business. I want to feel just as proud next year, the year after that, and 10 years from now. So I’ve made customer service EFI’s top priority.

In a very real sense, EFI doesn’t simply sell fasteners; we sell our proven ability to provide them with consistently reliable service, quality, and cost effectiveness. We support this ability with our investment in fastener inventories, our investment in inventory management technology–and our investment in our people.

I’m particularly proud of the people of Electronic Fasteners. Their commitment to customer satisfaction is remarkable. A number of EFI employees came to us from manufacturing organizations. They’ve dealt first-hand with the production problems caused by late or incorrect deliveries; having experienced this, they go to extraordinary lengths to make EFI’s deliveries error-free and on time.

Our customers–current, prospective or potential–are always welcome at Electronic Fasteners. If you would like to visit us, inspect our facilities and systems and meet our personnel, please do give us a call.

Steven N. Damalas