Benefits of threaded rivets

Benefits of threaded rivetsThreaded rivets and fasteners are a practical and effective solution for creating a load-bearing thread on metal too thin to tap, or difficult-to-tap materials such as composites or plastics. The benefits of threaded rivets include the ability to use an internal thread, which can help streamline and speed up assembly processes while eliminating the fear of losing a nut or bolt in a delicate assembly such as a circuit board.

Threaded rivets that feature an internal thread are used for screw attachments in a wide range of applications and industries, including medical equipment manufacturing, industrial controls, appliances, furniture, and electronics.

In additional to internal-threaded rivets there are external threaded rivets and even fasteners with internal and external threads for even greater fastening versatility and capability. These dual threaded rivets enable you to screw the rivet into a component or product and then screw something into it – ideal for assembling a base unit and providing flexible functionality for add-on components.

Electronic Fasteners is the area’s leading supplier of threaded rivets across the country. The many features and benefits of threaded rivets include:

  • Providing a strong thread in thin sheet materials such as metals and plastics
  • Easy, one-sided installation
  • No need for welding to the base material
  • Availability in a round body or full hex for enhanced spin-out resistance
  • Lower installation costs
  • Better access in tight spaces
  • Permanent installation
  • Faster assembly

If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of threaded rivets for your application, contact the threaded rivet specialists here at Electronic Fasteners.

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