Bumpers and Feet That Make A Difference From 3M

Bumpers and Feet That Make A Difference From 3MVirtually every consumer, commercial, and industrial appliance or piece of equipment of any size uses protective feet, bumpers, or both. While there are any number of internationally-available bumpers and feet some designed and purpose-built for specific products and applications we have found that 3M protective bumpers and feet are some of the most highly useful and versatile products designed for a variety of commercial, industrial, and retail industries and applications. If youre looking for 3M protective bumpers and feet, we have them in stock and ready for shipment.

3Ms top-of-the-line adhesive bumper and feet product line is Bumpon™. These products come in both colored and clear series and are pressure-sensitive, adhesive-backed polyurethane products that can really make a difference in product protection and performance. The aggressive, high tack, pressure sensitive adhesive is protected with a release liner making application fast and easy.

So what exactly can 3M protective bumpers and feet be used for? The Bumpon product line is ideal for use as product and component feet, stoppers, spacers, and protectors for a wide range of applications. All 3M Bumpon products are made from a durable, resilient elastomer combined with an aggressive, high-tack, pressure-sensitive adhesive that provides:

  • Fast and easy application with no drilling required
  • Excellent adhesion on low surface energy surfaces and powder coatings
  • Outstanding skid and abrasion resistance
  • Long aging resiliency from cracking or hardening
  • Resistance to marring and staining

Bumpon protective bumpers and feet are available in multiple colors, shapes and sizes for aesthetics and ready for shipment at Electronic Fasteners. 3M protective bumper feet are well-suited for even the most demanding applications in the automotive, electronic, storage, appliance, and other industries.

As a high quality, durable cushioning solution, 3M protective bumpers and feet meet the highest standards theyre manufactured in 3Ms ISO 9001 & 14001 certified plant and most of their Bumpon products have UL certification 94 HB.

We highly recommend 3M productive bumper feet because they are made from high quality polyurethane with reliable adhesives that deliver the long lasting performance our customers have come to expect from 3M products.