Choosing the right hinges, latches, and locks

Choosing the right hinges, latches, and locks

Choosing the right hinges, latches, and locksHinges, latches, and locks are important features on many pieces of equipment and systems, critical for providing access, security, and flexibility. Hinges, latches, and locks come in a variety of styles, sizes, shapes, and materials to suit a wide range of applications and industries for general purpose, commercial, and industrial products as well as for high-reliability and rugged-environment use.

For example, hinges are available in an almost bewildering array of styles, including barrel piano, spring, door, concealed, lift-off, hidden and specialty barrel hinges. Latches include rotary, swell, push-to-close, draw, can and compression styles.

Access is often an issue for commercial and industrial applications, which may require specialized latches and locks, including electric openers or releases, electric strikes and other access control devices, such as specialized keying.

You need to carefully consider a variety of factors that will dictate the proper hinge, latch, and lock to use for your particular application, such as:

  • Do they need to endure repeated opening and closing?
  • Will they be subjected to environmental conditions or extreme use that can easily compromise their operation?
  • How much weight do they need to support?
  • How important is strength and security?
  • Do they need to be low-maintenance?

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