COVID-19 and the Fastener Supply Chain

COVID-19 and the Fastener Supply Chain

There is no question that the coronavirus (COVID-19) is having far-reaching effects on industries, businesses, and production. As international and domestic trade slows, businesses shut down for extended periods of time, and current inventories of raw materials and components get bought up, maintaining supply chains for a wide variety of goods here and abroad will become more challenging.

Make no mistake though we are open for business here at Electronic Fasteners. The management team would like to assure all of our current and future customers that we are doing everything possible to ensure a reliable inventory of fasteners and other components and tools so that our customers can maintain their productivity and, in turn, their payrolls.

We are actively working with and monitoring all of our suppliers to keep products flowing through our supply chain and out to customers on a timely basis. To help accomplish this, we are temporarily restructuring our operations, including setting up the sales team to be able to work remotely so that as the situation escalates (and unfortunately that is likely) we can respond accordingly and continue to service our customers without interruption.

In the meantime, if you have any questions or are concerned about inventory and availability, please call or email us. Were here to serve you and work as a team to maintain productivity and act as a positive economic force in these uncertain times.

We thank you for your business and assure you of our full support. Its important to remember as COVID-19 runs its course that this, too, shall pass.