Electronic Fasteners, Inc.For over 60 years we’ve been supplying a growing list of loyal customers across the country with the standard, custom, and specialty fasteners and tools they needed for their specific and often unique commercial, industrial, and military applications. So what keeps them coming back and new ones signing up? It’s simple. The right products at the right price, when and where they need them.

But it’s not just what we sell that makes Electronic Fasteners successful. In fact, our greatest asset walks out the door every night – our people. Our employees – from our inventory stockers to the highest levels of our management team – are fiercely committed to our customers. That commitment, backed by experience and a willingness to step up and do whatever it takes to meet a customer’s needs, help foster long-term relationships and keep our customers coming back year after year.

Of course, providing the right services is another key element to our success. That’s why we offer:

  • Inventory Management, including innovative programs such as Vendor Managed Inventories (VMI), where we make regular visits to your facility to scan and replenish your inventory as needed.
  • Kitting of regularly-ordered multiple parts in one convenient, custom-labeled box or bag to streamline your ordering and receiving process, saving you time and money.
  • Custom Labeling that can include your logo, unique part number, and other information to make ordering, tracking, and billing easier and more convenient.

Reliable, accountable, and thorough.

Everything we do at EFI is focused on seamless and transparent processes that enable our customers to enjoy peace-of-mind knowing that their critical orders can be tracked, accessed, and accounted for at every step of the way.

Our ISO 9001-2015 certification and unmatched quality assurance program demonstrate that our processes are proven and our documentation is accurate and thorough. And we’re happy to provide custom inspection services for any client to back up our commitment to providing the industry’s highest level of quality and reliability.

Our goal is to keep our customers happy and give them ample reason to continue to trust us with their business. So far, it seems to be working.