Flat Head Screws

flat head screwsThere are many screw-type fasteners you can buy, with different head styles being manufactured for varying applications. Sometimes the screw head style serves a functional purpose, and sometimes it’s more decorative, especially when used for consumer or retail products that need to look good as well as be functional. If you’re unsure about the screw style, size, or metal you need for your application, just ask the fastener experts at Electronic Fasteners, located in Canton, MA. Flat head screws in particular have several beneficial features, which include:

  • They can accept covers to hide the screw head
  • They are available in several different configurations and metals
  • Their countersunk design puts the head flush with the product surface

There are two basic flat head screw designs: countersunk and non-countersunk. Non-countersunk heads—where the head is fully exposed—encompass the largest variety of screw head designs and are commonly used for consumer and retail products, such as furniture hardware and cabinet hinges. Countersunk heads—where the head is designed to sit flush with the product surface—are typically used on tools, machinery, and industrial products because they provide a clean finish to the fastener installation. In addition, a flush finish provides the added benefit of protecting the screw head from any potential damage.

Flat head screws, require a countersunk hole unless the material is very soft. The advantage is that little or no part of the head protrudes beyond the surface of the material to give the finished work a flush, clean look. The countersunk design of the flat heads is great for applications where dust and dirt can accumulate on the surface.

Flat head screws are used in the building industry for cabinets, countertops, stairs, furniture, drywall, and other components. There are many other applications as well, so if you think your application or product could benefit from the use of flat heads, contact us to discuss your needs. With over 60 years of experience, we can help you find the right fastener – whether it’s a flat head or something else for the job.

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