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hand cleanerAccording to the Occupational Safety and Health Act, employers have a responsibility to ensure employees are provided a safe working environment. Addressing hand hygiene and the use of hand cleaner in the workplace is an essential part of this, especially as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to have a significant impact upon how we work and the safety precautions we take. Here at Waltham, MA-based Electronic Fasteners, we carry a wide range of hand sanitizers and hand cleaners for virtually every application and industry.

Over the past year, hand sanitizers have become a go-to cleaner because of their convenience and effectiveness. These alcohol-based products don’t require water to activate or rinse and they come in a variety of convenient packaging. Best of all, they’re highly effective against COVID-19 because they:

  • Kill coronavirus safely and effectively at the most critical point of infection – your hands
  • Come in a variety of formulations designed to address the needs of a wide range of workplaces and users
  • Minimize waste generated by the use of wipes and paper towels needed for other cleansing agents

To be clear, though, not all hand cleaner is hand sanitizer. The bulk of them are soaps, which are also highly effective against bacteria and viruses. Industrial waterless hand cleaners are types of soaps that clean heavy duty grease and grime from hands without needing to rinse with water after use. Heavy duty waterless hand cleaners are generally a crème formula which contains a mild abrasive like pumice or citrus solvents. Pre-moistened towels and wipes are also considered to be waterless hand cleaners. Hand sanitizer is sometimes referred to as a waterless hand cleaner however most hand sanitizers are not formulated to remove dirt and grease from hands. In fact, it is recommended that visible soil on hands be washed off before using hand sanitizers.

Heavy duty or industrial waterless hand cleaner contain ingredients that are more effective at removing tough grease and grime from hands than general hand soaps. Industrial waterless hand cleaners that contain mild abrasives like pumice, remove the heavy soil from hands when hands are vigorously rubbed together. Waterless hand cleaners with ingredients that contain citrus solvents will clean hands effectively because the solvents work to dissolve the grease.

In addition to commercial and industrial hand cleaner, we also stock a full line of NSF-certified commercial and industrial hand sanitizer for use in workplaces ranging from professional offices to manufacturing plants. Why is NSF certification important? Because products certified by the NSF testing labs comply with strict standards and procedures to ensure they perform as specified. This is especially critical in manufacturing and handling consumables such as food products and pharmaceuticals.

Good workplace hand hygiene starts at Electronic Fasteners. Contact us today to learn more about hand sanitizer or hand cleaner for your plant or facility.

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