kittingKitting/bagging is a specialty of Electronic Fasteners that can save you time and money. How? By helping you avoid the expense and hassle of ordering, receiving, handling and tracking the same multiple parts over and over again. Kitting/bagging can provide you with a better-optimized supply chain, greater stock availability, and overall lower total cost of ownership.

Kitting/bagging through Electronic Fasteners is the flexible, versatile way to manage your inventory offsite without tying up your internal resources and adding the capital expense of assembly and packaging lines. Electronic Fasteners kitting/bagging provides kits designed and labeled specifically for your products and brand. Multi-level assemblies are no problem and multi-stage parts can be easily custom-machined and plated, invoiced by your kit/project number.

By utilizing the kitting/bagging services of Electronic Fasteners, you’re gaining a valuable business partner willing and able to assume the logistical burden of packaging and managing individual components, enabling you to focus on the more important, strategic parts of your business.

Kitting/bagging with Electronic Fasteners has produced significant savings and fewer headaches for dozens of satisfied customers. They’ve benefitted from the cost efficiencies and streamlined operations that come with having to handle less inventory and requiring less labor for picking and organizing, purchasing, receiving, and accounting.

With kitting/bagging you can have custom labels with the information and design you want to help move your products more efficiently, including company logo, part numbers, bar codes, and shelf locations. For more efficient stocking and shipping, Electronic Fasteners’ kitting/bagging services can efficiently package all your parts in boxes or in heat-sealed or re-closable bags.

To learn more about the attractive financial and operational savings of outsourcing kitting/bagging, contact the kitting/bagging experts at Electronic Fasteners.