image of two men in electronic fasteners office

Joe Graziosi (r) is one of our original founders and was known by his nickname “Joe Gray”. Mike DeCenzo (l) is seen with Joe Gray walking in our sales office in Waltham.

In today’s fast-paced business world and uncertain economic times, it’s rare to find workforce stability and longevity. Sadly, for many workers across the country today, employment in one job is measured in a few years, or even months. We’re happy, though, to report that Electronic Fasteners is an exception to that reality.

Since our founding almost 60 years ago, we’ve experienced steady growth, profitability, and remarkable stability. A key component to that success has been the people that are the foundation of this business. We’re a family-owned-and-operated business and to this day five of the six original founding families are still active with the company.

Our sustained growth and profitability and record of supporting our employees has helped us attract a talented, committed workforce that tends to stay with us. In fact, we have a number of employees whose time at Electronic Fasteners is measured in decades.

image of man pulling lift full of barrels

Angelo moving inventory in our warehouse. Inventory is very important to us and even back then we took the necessary cautions to make sure everything was safe to use.

This track record of longevity is what sets us apart from much of the competition and provides our customers with a level of experience and expertise that is simply hard to find anywhere else. For example, Sales Manager Del Furbish has been with Electronic Fasteners for over 30 years, as has Judy Campbell in purchasing. Not far behind is Scott Farnham, Operations Manager, and VIN Manager, with 23 years; and Cosme Carvajal in our inspection department, who’s been here for 22 years. That kind of company and industry history translates into a depth and breadth of knowledge that is priceless for customers looking for just the right fastener or other product.

And those are not the only long-term employees here. There are others who have been with us for over a decade, including several in inside sales, like Paul McMahon, with 25 years; Sarah Bucacci, over 15 years; and Mike Mahoney, over 10 years. In outside sales, Dave Stefanelli has over 15 years and Tom Boardman, over 10 years. And there are still others who have also been with us a long time, including Jennifer Carrasquillo, accounts payable and receivable, and a VIN specialist; Jeff Koran, head of our human resources and accounting department; and Jackie Treska, also in human resources and accounting.

image of the Electronic Fasteners office

At EFI, we have always been hard at work serving our clients. Here we see Angelo in the corner left with Bob Raleigh (r). In front of them we see Ann & Richie.

The list goes on and includes company owners, who are still working hard for the business and its customers, decades after opening the doors in Boston back in 1960 and then moving to our current location in Waltham four years later.

Today, we’re still going strong, with over 40 employees operating out of 30,000 square feet of office and warehouse space. And with our incredible workforce of dedicated individuals, we’re looking forward to even more decades of providing the world’s best fasteners and related products to our customers.