Metric Fasteners

metric fastenersWhile the rest of the world embraces metric fasteners, the United States still prefers the familiar system of measurement known as the US customary units, also referred to as English units. Because this dual system exists in many industries and markets, it can be a challenge to find the right components, such as fasteners, in the right sizes for a wide range of applications. Fortunately, here at Electronic Fasteners in Canton, MA we carry a comprehensive selection of metric components, making it easy for our customers to get what they need without a lot of confusion.

Many commercial, industrial, and military purchasers buy their metric fasteners from us because:

  • We have one of the largest inventories available
  • Most of our metric components are ready for immediate shipping
  • Our VMI program can automatically maintain your inventory of metric components

If youre an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), assembly house, or supplier doing international business, chances are good that sooner or later, youll need metric fasteners. If youre in the market for almost any kind of metric component, Electronic Fasteners is your go-to resource. No matter what kind of metric fasteners youre purchasing, well be happy to supply you with complete inspection reports so you can be assured of getting exactly what you need to meet your requirements.

For over five decades, Electronic Fasteners has been providing top quality English and metric fasteners companies making a wide range of equipment in a wide range of industries. In fact, were considered one of the top stocking sources for metric hardware in the country. Thats because we carry one of the largest inventories of metric components around.

If youre looking for specific metric fasteners or any other kind of metric hardware, contact the metric experts here at Electronic Fasteners. Chances are good we have what you need in our inventory, ready to ship to you.

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