Safety Gloves

image of seattle safety glovesThere is a tremendous variety of safety gloves available for every industry and application, designed to optimize protection and help workers stay as safe and productive as possible in what are often hazardous conditions. Of course, the application and type of hazard associated with the job will affect the selection of safety gloves supporting commercial and industrial businesses.

The variety of occupational hand injuries that can occur makes selecting the right safety gloves challenging, which is why so many companies look to the safety gloves experts here at Electronic Fasteners. Our safety glove professionals can help ensure that your employees are using safety gloves designed specifically to handle the occupational hazards present in your operations.

Unfortunately there are a number of potential injuries to the hands and arms that simply cannot be eliminated through engineering or work and safety process controls, increasing the need for proper personal protection equipment (PPE), such as safety gloves. Potential hazards requiring safety gloves include toxic substances that can be absorbed through the skin; chemical and thermal burns; electrical burns and shocks; and the more general abrasions, cuts, punctures, and even amputations.

Sturdy safety gloves made from leather, heavy canvas, and even metal mesh provide solid protection against cuts, abrasions, and burns, as well as sustained heat from hot components or equipment. Fabric and coated-fabric safety gloves made from cotton and nylon can provide basic light protection against minor injuries such as slivers, chafing and abrasions for light physical labor and some laboratory processes.

However, if you’re selecting safety gloves for protection against chemical exposure hazards, ask our safety glove experts or check with the glove manufacturer directly to determine if the particular safety gloves you are interested in provide effective protection against the chemical with which they’ll come in contact. Often better choices for chemical resistant safety gloves include ones made with rubbers such as butyl, neoprene, nitrile, and natural rubber.

Why take chances with your employees’ personal protection? Get the right safety gloves for the right job – talk with our knowledgeable staff about the appropriate safety gloves for your business and operations.