Safety Protection

safety precautionHeadquartered in Canton, MA, OneMonroe EFI is always ready to help companies be as safe as possible. As the new year begins, companies of all sizes and in all industries continue to adapt and formulate plans and processes to accommodate different working conditions that require increased safety protection.

At OneMonroe EFI, we’ve expanded our inventory to ensure a ready supply of safety protection products, including:

  • Hand sanitizer
  • Safety gloves for all applications and industries
  • Safety glasses
  • Paper and fabric masks to accommodate different workers and conditions
  • Clear plastic face shields
  • Standard safety gear such as hi-vis vests, safety signage, barriers, and more

Amidst the pandemic, OSHA and the Centers for Disease Control issued updated guidelines to help businesses and organizations address safety issues. They recommended that employers adopt infection prevention and control strategies based on a thorough workplace hazard assessment and use appropriate combinations of engineering and administrative controls, safe work practices, and personal protective equipment (PPE) to prevent worker exposures. As a result, many major companies are increasing their expenditures to boost employee safety within their facilities. This includes purchasing items similar to the safety protection products available through OneMonroe EFI.

For example, Amazon has said that between 2019 and 2022, the company has invested $1 billion in safety initiatives and improvements unrelated to COVID-19. During this same period, the company reported that its reportable incident rate decreased by 23%, signaling that increased safety measures could pay off.

When Ford was anticipating restarting its European engine and vehicle production, it began by devising and implementing new social distancing and health and safety protocols, going so far as to manufacture its own face masks and providing employees with “personal-care kits” that include safety protection products such as sanitizer, gloves, and face masks. These kinds of kits are also ideal for a wide range of other companies and can be very cost-effective, especially if they are filled with products for safety protection near Canton, Massachusetts.

If your business or organization is developing or revising a strategy for keeping all of your employees safe at work contact the specialists in safety protection for Canton, Massachusetts, here at OneMonroe EFI.

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