Stock Management

stock managementOur customers rely upon Electronic Fasteners to have a wide assortment of inventory available at all times to facilitate their production schedules and avoid disruption and expensive downtime. That’s why stock management for locations around the country is so critical for maintaining performance and profitability.

Our stock management provides a number of benefits including:

  • Assurance of continuous parts supply
  • Avoidance of inventory over- or under-stocking
  • Improved inventory cost control
  • More efficient stock management for improved operations and production

Inventory investment is a major concern for many organizations engaged in manufacturing as well as wholesale and retail distribution. That’s why it’s so important to give proper attention to stock management. Planning the purchasing, handling, storage and accounting of key products such as fasteners of all types and materials is a fundamental part of proper stock management.

At Electronic Fasteners, our stock management experts are constantly assessing our customers’ requirements, purchasing trends, and industry needs to ensure that we’re able to meet – and exceed – their demands for the right components at the right time for the right price.

Our sophisticated stock management system features software tools that eliminate many of the time-consuming and error-producing processes associated with manual systems. Our software ties our parts inventory to purchasing and billing systems. Inventory numbers and bar codes identify where the items are stocked in our warehouse and bar code scanners track products checked out to individual customer orders. Tools like these help make the entire system more efficient and reduce errors.

To learn more about our comprehensive stock management and get information on our vendor-managed inventory program to provide you with even better control over your own inventory, contact our stock management specialists today.

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