Electronic Fasteners acquired by Monroe – A terrific opportunity for all of us!

We are excited to share that OneMonroe (Monroe Engineering, LLC) recently completed an acquisition of Electronic Fasteners. We believe the combined strength of Electronic Fasteners and OneMonroe will lead to better customer service, expanded product offerings, deeper supplier partnerships, a broader supply chain, and added growth for OneMonroe, Electronic Fasteners, and our valued customers and suppliers.

As we move forward integrating the two business units, we want to stress our combined focus on you, our valued customers. You should see continued improvements in the following areas:

  1. When you need something from Electronic Fasteners, continue doing business with them in all the ways you have. In addition, know that the Electronic Fasteners team now has access to thousands of additional vendors and products, along with a wealth of expertise, through the nationwide OneMonroe network. Let us know how we can help.
  2. As we continue to integrate Electronic Fasteners with the OneMonroe team, we will have more flexibility to merge vendor accounts and simplify our interactions with each vendor. Our sales and purchasing teams will also be able to quickly and easily search our nationwide inventory, and find the best terms, lead time, and pricing we can get you.
  3. Please reach out if something doesn’t meet your expectations or our commitment to customer service. We pledge to work with you to resolve any anomalies quickly.
  4. Most importantly, let’s communicate and work as partners. The Electronic Fasteners team and OneMonroe. chose to be partners because we believe we can serve the market better together. We want to bring our supplier partners along with us to share in the upside. If you see opportunities for improvement- from products on our website to salesperson training to purchasing to accounting let’s start the conversation and see if we can build on our relationship and pursue mutual success.

Please reach out with any questions, concerns, or great ideas to grow together!

Michael Decenzo – Electronic Fasteners
Delbert Furbish – Electronic Fasteners
Yamileth Lopez – Electronic Fasteners
Chris Kestner- VP Hardware, Monroe
Jeff Shipman- Corporate Controller, Monroe