What is self-clinching hardware?

What is self-clinching hardware?

Self-clinching hardware serves a specific purpose. This type of fastener was designed seven decades ago to sustain torque loads in thin sheet metal, and create permanent load-bearing threads that will not loosen or fall out over time. When this threaded fastener is pressed into a mounting hole in thin metal, the host material cold flows into a recess in the shank of the fastener.  The self-clinching fastener becomes a permanent part of the material, providing reusable threads for various attachments. As self-clinching fasteners use less hardware and cost very little to install, they are popular for a wide variety of applications.

When working with self-clinching fasteners, you will not require special installation equipment. Any type of parallel-acting press can be used to install a self-clinching fastener as long as the force delivered by the press can be adjusted. Using a hammer will not work because the swiftness of the impact doesn’t allow time for the sheet material to flow into the shank of the fastener.

There are many advantages to using self-clinching hardware. Some include:

  • Low installed cost
  • Reusable load bearing threads
  • No special installation equipment required
  • Provide strong threads for attachments to very thin metal
  • High push-out and torque-out resistance

There are many types and variations of self-clinching fasteners, both threaded and non-threaded. Call us with any questions about self-clinching hardware. Electronic Fasteners is the leading expert in fasteners of all types, providing products to manufacturers across the country, from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Whether you are looking for standard fasteners or if you’re looking for specialty hardware, we  are here to assist you!