Wire Management

wire managementToday’s increasingly complex electrical and electronic products, systems, and subsystems often contain bewildering amounts of wires, cables, and connections that demand effective management. In fact, wire management can be a critical issue for a wide range of product manufacturing and system installations – from sophisticated consumer electronics to highly complex commercial IT infrastructures.

At Electronic Fasteners, we understand how crucial wire management is in today’s competitive marketplace. In fact, when the design and installation of cable and wiring pathways are optimized in a component, system or network, efficiency and performance are maximized and costs reduced. Changes can be made quickly and easily, keeping disruption and service time to a minimum.

All of these are reasons why we carry the largest selection of commercial and industrial wire management products in the region, including:

  • plastic and nylon tie wraps
  • conduit strips
  • cable trays
  • raceways
  • drop-overs
  • and more

We’ve got the wire management products you need in the materials, styles, and sizes for virtually any application and installation. Do you need to separate, identify, and manage a variety of cable runs? Color-coded cable ties and other cabling management products such as heat shrink tubing are the perfect solution for clustering wires and cables for easy maintenance and repair. The right cable and wiring organization products make for neater, visually-different installations. Heat shrink tubing is available in a wide range of colors, lengths, and diameters to fit virtually any need.

Proper management of cables and wiring can have a positive impact on the lifespan, reliability, and efficiency of the entire system. Cables or wires that are bent or impaired in other ways can cause degradation of the wiring’s capabilities. Lengths that are too long can cause issues with troubleshooting in the future, and cable lengths that are not quite long enough cannot be bundled as easily and may be subject to more bending or stretching that, again, may affect quality.

Perhaps you have a product or system going into a harsh environment with challenging conditions such as extreme temperatures and moisture. We’ve got Canton, Massachusetts wire management products manufactured in a wide range of nylons and plastics to handle even the most difficult environments without corroding or quickly decaying.

Whatever your manufacturing, installation, or maintenance needs, we’ve got you covered. Our enormous inventory of wiring organization and management products can help you better organize virtually any manufacturing, power, and data- or telecommunications project and our  experts can help you select just the right wire and cable management products to meet your requirements.

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