Kitting for Schenectady, New York

kitting for Schenectady, New YorkKitting is a specialty of Electronic Fasteners, that can save you time and money. How? By helping you avoid the expense and hassle of ordering, receiving, handling, and repeatedly tracking the same multiple parts. Our service provides you with a better-optimized supply chain, greater stock availability, and lower total cost of ownership overall. This is done through a consignment inventory arrangement. Located in Canton, MA, Electronic Fasteners becomes your virtual stocking warehouse for the components you use most often.

Electronic Fasteners’ kitting service provides kits designed and labeled specifically for your products and brand. We ensure the process is easy for you and your field technicians or engineers. Simply:

  • Once we understand your requirements, whether that’s multi-level or multi-stage parts, we’ll stock your kits in our warehouse for when you need them.
  • Request a particular part or group of parts through our easy-to-use web portal or over the phone.
  • The order is then fulfilled and shipped directly to them – quickly and accurately.
  • Let your team focus on more critical tasks, like developing the next great product.

Kitting for Schenectady, New York, is a great way to optimize your supply chain and save money. By utilizing the services of Electronic Fasteners, you’re gaining a valuable business partner willing and able to assume the logistical burden of packaging and managing individual components, enabling you to focus on the more important, strategic parts of your business. If your organization is looking to improve efficiency and effectiveness, consider our services to help achieve those goals.

Schenectady, New York, kitting can be necessary because of the many different types of products and parts that go into assembling a final product. When multiple SKUs are involved in a project, it can effectively manage them so that they’re not only organized but also easily accessible when needed. Electronic Fasteners can do this by keeping track of all the parts and components going into each kit and their locations. Electronic Fasteners’ services can efficiently package all your parts in boxes or heat-sealed or re-closable bags for more efficient stocking and shipping. View our services here or contact us directly for a quote.

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