Payments Your Way

  1. Credit Card: Electronic Fasteners, Inc. (EFI) accepts Visa, Master Card, Discover, and American Express.
  2. Invoice: we normally provide invoices for the products that you order. Invoices provide an itemized list of products shipped to you, listed by your part number if you wish. Please fill out, or call in, a credit application if your company does not already have an account with EFI.
  3. Blanket Order: If you wish to issue a purchase order for a quantity of parts to be delivered over a period of time, we would be happy to set that up. Parts will be shipped to you according to your schedule, and you will be billed accordingly.
  4. Consignment: supply us with a list of parts and usage and we’ll place a 30 day supply of product on your site.  Parts will be replenished on a scheduled basis and you will be billed for the parts that you use. Consignment programs can act as a sort of “store” for one part of your operation, by including a variety of items other than fasteners.  Minimum volumes and/or Service charges may apply for consignment programs.
  5. Inventory Management Programs: this is by far the most popular program for customers with a large volume of fastener usage. Over half of our sales are to customers who are participating in our Fastener Management Program (FMP). This program has the benefit of a blanket order plus we will set-up and maintain your fastener inventory at your site on a weekly basis.  Invoices are went as your on-site inventory is replenished from our warehouse stock.  Please click on here to read a full description of this program.