The Growing Demand for Metric Fasteners in America

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As the world becomes more connected and reliant on global trade, it’s essential to consider the metric system and its use in other countries. Metric fasteners are commonly used in manufacturing and construction projects worldwide, but due to resistance to change in the US, they are not as widely adopted here.

State of Metric Fasteners in the USA 

The US has not fully transitioned to the metric system, although many scientists and engineers have. The main reason for this is that industrialists in the 19th century didn’t want to replace their equipment that was based on US customary units. Today, there are still a few laws requiring that consumer goods list both metric and US customary measures, but America lives in a world where the metric system is widely used.

There has been a shift towards the metric system in recent years, primarily driven by the automotive industry. Today, engineers utilize CAD systems which enable parts to be drawn to size using either the metric or US customary system. This flexibility has made the metric system more popular, and as a result, more and more businesses are investing in metric-based fasteners, tools, and equipment. So even though the US is not fully on the metric system, American businesses need to be prepared to use both metric and US customary fasteners.

A Need for Metric Fasteners

American businesses are finding that they need to accommodate metric-based imports to remain competitive. However, this presents a unique challenge. To meet the needs of both domestic and international customers, American businesses have had to adapt by stocking both English and metric fasteners. This has resulted in increased efficiency and cost savings, as companies no longer need to waste time and money converting between the two systems.

There are many benefits to using the metric system fasteners:

  • It is the internationally-accepted standard, making it easier for businesses to trade with other countries.
  • The metric system is much simpler and easier to use than the US system, saving businesses time and money.
  • The metric system is more precise and essential for many applications such as engineering and manufacturing.

There have been several companies in the US that are switching to the metric system more and more. For these reasons, Electronic Fasteners trusts our suppliers at Western Wire, ZaGO Manufacturing, and Akro Mils Storage Solutions. All three of these companies have a history of quality, dependable products that we’ve come to trust. They, too, are also making metric fasteners readily available for our customers. If your business is still using the US system for fasteners, it’s time to switch to metric, and Electronic Fasteners is here to help.

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